Apr. 21st, 2011 04:57 pm
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for enigmatic marine biologist, John Watson, discovering detailed directions on a set of toothpicks was the event that opened his eyes to the sorry state of society; so much so he took it upon himself to construct an asylum for the world - to put it in to hopefully get better.

my moment happened yesterday evening quite literally upon my arrival home from work... what did i find lying in wait for me on the floor? loitering like some malevolent madness-mine primed, patiently passing the time 'til it could spring its attack.

an easter card! seriously, it was a mass produced greetings card for easter... WTF?!

what's next eh, hallmark? summer solstice presents?!

how the fuck are people suggestible and pliant enough for greetings cards companies to try to prop up there business through the lean part of the year by inventing the custom of sending fucking cards for easter?

i think i should probably stop thinking about this before i pop. the world is mad.
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america: bigger, brasher and unrepentantly over the top... and things don't get much more ostentatious than our yanky brethren celebrating the baby jesus's birthday.

but dammit, you're just not doing it right! unless, like carson willams, you've gone to the extent of setting up your own radio station so that people can dial in as they drive by and freak out at the horror marvel at the wonder that is your festively synchronised light & sound show.

you don't need sound to gawp at the lunacy that is carson's christmas lights, but the man did set up his own fucking fm radio transmitter so as to avoid barraging his poor neighbours with non-stop music as well as grand mal inducing light pollution!

oh well, it's all fun and games until there's an accident and the emergency services can't respond due to the tailbacks caused by crazed holiday makers taking a road trip to see what $10,000 worth of christmas lights looks like.


Apr. 10th, 2008 03:26 pm
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the funniest 25 seconds of cat i've ever seen.
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if i had a pet, and i was some kind of moronic halfwit who's idea of a good saturday night is to stay in watching Matt Gallant's memorable presenting technique on the planet's funniest animals... then i might, and only might consider doing this to it for shits and giggles...

click for product info

but i'm sure i'd be lambasted as some kind of "huntingdon life sciences" inspired fanboy by the members of the all too easily incensed general public of this country, the bastion of animal rights activism...

still, it is only about £4. tempting.
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ok... just got a text from a chum telling me of one of those trendy flash mob things happening soon.

i recon it'll be fun.

where: trafalgar square

when: this saturday @ 2pm

what to do: bring a pillow hidden in a bag, at 2pm. whip it out and let loose with the feathery action.

who's up for it?

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