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went to sandhurst for tab's graduation ball on friday.
had to hire a tux & everything for it!
finally got to camberley at about 8pm - deadlines for essays and all that :/
walked about a mile down the road to the wrong entrance in my enthusiasm to get there on time.
the ball itself was pretty enjoyable, although the fireworks stole the show... they must've spent quite a pretty penny on them i can tell you.
did some mine-sweeping - mainly for the danger element.
then there's an alcohol induced mist...
there was a toys out the pram moment which culminated in my leaving the base with what subsequently turned out to be paul's bag, not mine. doh!
i came to my senses at a train station... in guildford! wtf?! o.O
caught a train back to sandhurst & walked back to the base
talked my way back into the site and then tried to find tab & company - sandhurst is like a rabbit warren, but that didn't stop me.
fortunately, my account of finding myself in guildford tempered tab's anger at my drunken antics


notes from the mist:

some people inquired as to whose friend i was, my reply: "it's classified" - obviously i was concerned my behaviour might result in tab having to repeat the training [the punishment for guests misbehaving]
canadian gloves are warm


Nov. 20th, 2009 01:00 pm
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be there!

it is our birthday, after all...

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There's only one week before our birthday special!

...and to celebrate the occasion we're throwing a party the likes of which you don't want to miss!

As well as the GRAVITY regulars, we have one of OCTANE's resident DJs coming to treat you all with a guest set of the finest Hardstyle. A member of the D.O.A. crew - a group known for putting heart and soul into their performances - STEINBECK's set can be guaranteed to be remorselessly full of energy and monster tunage!

With our usual blend of inescapably powerful music, mix CDs and other items to be given away throughout the night, November's GRAVITY is shaping up to be one hell of an event.

But don't just take our word for it, come and see why GRAVITY has been going from strength to strength - you won't be disappointed.


DAF - Disassembly [UK]
Soylent - Antiworld [UK]
Chemical 6 - Slimelight [UK]
Untermensch - Slimelight [UK]
Psynaptic Misfit - Psychometric Vision [UK]

would be awesome if you guys could make it...

facebook event page

le weekend

Nov. 1st, 2009 09:46 pm
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friday night was sponsored by booze and the total refusal to sleep. tried twice to flyer club antichrist, both attempts were almost entirely unsuccessful.
still, on the up side, i got to hang out with tab - something i quickly realised that has been missing from my life for too long.
left rachel's place around mid morning and attempted to navigate home powered by more booze and public transport... turns out i'm not the greatest at that, not only failing to get all the way to stoke newington but also misplacing the book i am but pages away from finishing :/
luckily, i ended up at debz's and unlike other recent occasions when i've been at the singing syrup, my antics were amusing to all present.
saturday - after a brief period of unconsciousness, i retrieved what was left of my fighting fluid from debz's fridge and strode out into the wilds of stokey.
'twas scary sarah's sisters quarter century celebrations over in archway and after much haranguing, dan capitulated and accompanied me on the mission.
had the most awesome night... am still whistling happy tunes1 to myself right now, even though it's a good 5 hours since i left brenda's house of madness.
joy :D

1: i successfully ear-wormed myself with music of the dirty gothic persuasion, but am in too good a mood to be angered by this
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despite not being ushered in by the delivery of the new gravity flyers, this weekend's been made of almost pure win.

nat's birthday was great fun... the pub was different, not utterly unpleasant, but way pricey. consequently i took the sensible option and ducked out early to avoid to much damage to my pockets hooking up with the rabble en route to emma's.

the salubrious surroundings and great company conspired to prevent any attempts at an early escape back to the mound of uni work awaiting my weary return.

this week i will mostly be making the bizzy buzzy bumblebees look like indolent job-dodging loafers.
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so, i just got a call from my friend james [[livejournal.com profile] mildseven].

he's drunk and on a train, a train to glastonbury: a festival he's not entirely sure he's actually bought a ticket for!

armed with 2 litres of vodka disguised as evian and a passionate hatred of poi he's off to bring his unique brand of mayhem to the southwest.

i suppose it's his reasoning i admire the most. in his own words he "thought it would be better to go to glastonbury after staying up all night drinking than go in to work in the same state"
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so, i returned from the impromptu excursion into the french alps on saturday a bruised and battered wreck of a man having spent the previous week trying not to die on&off the piste. there now follows my high/lowlights of the experience.

getting to geneva was fairly uneventful; the transfer [3 hours in a cramped minibus full of people & equipment] equally so.

day 1: we arrived in tignes after nightfall, so it wasn't until the morning i got to see how stunningly beautiful the surroundings were where we were staying. breakfast saw the creation of the ham-o-chocolat... mmmm ham-o-chocolat :)

snowboarding was slightly harder than i'd been anticipating, but with the lovely kasia's patient tutelage, i'd soon picked up the basics. so, i decided to join the group above the one i was meant to be in. a good move, i thought, especially given the amount i picked up in the first lesson [fakie, 180's & 360's etc].

day 2: i was totally unprepared for the joint & muscle ache i'd feel this morning which, as an unpleasant experience, was only outweighed by what was to happen on the mountain.

after about an hour of instruction, i was abandoned at the top of a mountain!

not having a piste map or phone on me [why would i need such things with an instructor present?] i tried desperately to get back to tignes. a task made ludicrously difficult by my poor french skills and ignorance as to the particular enclave of tignes we were staying in. i was told to take a bus, which i did only to discover it went to the wrong tignes!

getting off the bus i accosted a policeman and struggled to explain my predicament to him, he suggested i ask in a hotel which enabled me to find that tignes-les-brevieres, where we were staying was not served by the buses... i could get a bus part way there, but i'd have to hike/snowboard the remaining distance.

choosing the latter [the bitter cold gnawing at my appendages], i struggled through the ever darkening twilight down a very narrow and flat blue run, almost breaking my elbow in the process, and finally getting to the bottom of the village some 41/2 hours after being left to fend for myself.

as a result of this harrowing experience i'm sure i now have abandonment issues.

day 3: was too exhausted to keep up with my group as a result of my epic journey the day before, so i joined the group below me. probably a bad move, only got 1 piece of instruction in the whole lesson.

day 4: rest day. played a lot of playstation.

day 5: trip to val-d'isere. set off alone [but with phone & piste map this time - see i can learn] and promptly fell on the 1st run almost wrenching my right arm from it's socket causing some tendon damage. decided to plough on rather than return to the chalet.

the pain got worse and worse, til by the end i was slowly edging down slopes trying to keep my arm as still as possible.

i'd nearly made it to my destination when i fell again, cracking a rib :(

beer and painkillers helped me pass out that night.

day 6: after the worst night's sleep in a very long time, i was in too much pain to even contemplate snowboarding, choosing instead to lie on the sofa all day, only venturing out for drinks in the evening. and with only [livejournal.com profile] kitch_kash, [livejournal.com profile] drreagan & [livejournal.com profile] gauis_octavian for company it seemed fairly safe.

ended up staying out til all the money was gone... my last memory of the night was giving kasia a piggyback up the hill to our chalet.

day 7: came to on the sofa, stumbled around to gather my stuff in time for the transfer's departure and just about managed to crawl into the minibus. fell asleep on kasia, then the snowboards in the aisle, and woke at the airport to discover my passport was missing!

my abandonment issues began to kick in as the prospect of being left in switzerland began to coalesce before my very eyes.

fortunately it was in geordi's pocket - it appears i do some very strange things when drunk.

all in all, i had an excellent time and memories of holiday have me smiling to myself even now :)

less haste

Jan. 7th, 2008 02:30 pm
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i have been busy like bumble bee.

what with manuela's birthday rolling on well into the next day. lucy shanghaied the unsuspecting revellers and dragged them back to the wilds of finsbury park.

it was a most excellent continuation of the pub fun.

and tonight we visit the museum of curiosity to be entertained by the legendary john lloyd and the incomparable bill bailey. win

and, much to my delight, i somehow found the time and luck to unite my camera and pc once more...

produce of purple towers )
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leicester was, as ever, the awesome fun. london seems dull and listless in comparison.

after a disappointingly sudden end to the proceedings i managed to get back to the big smoke on sunday night.

pool on monday was many fun, some of the girls from the team showed up making it just about the busiest week i can remember.

today was much less difficult than i had imagined, got my security pass and have done all the work i can until we get the rest of the data sent over. </smug>

thank bram cohen for all the comedy i've downloaded that's keeping me sane :]
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ok. just got word from little nat.

we're going to big red tomorrow night from 7 to celebrate my 28th year on this lump of rock.

it'd be swell to see you there.

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