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there's a high powered business meeting taking place in the office today.. am trying my best to look busy - but i keep getting distracted by stuff like this:

how can i be expected to work when there's stuff like that happening in the outside world?

oh, and happy lupus day people.
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so, having successfully survived my first week of homelessness, i now find myself at work twiddling my thumbs1.

time for a brief update...

i still don't have enough in the kitty for a deposit, will be another fortnight at least before i can realistically afford moving.
work's sporadic, but am showing face and keeping fingers crossed that i'll get put on some more projects.
there are plans hatching for the next gravity, but the lack of decent venue means it's looking increasingly unlikely these will come to fruition before 2011.

1: not literally, that'd make typing nigh on impossible ;)
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missed my briefing at work by 10 mins, but as i'm still buoyed up by the weekend's dose of win, i took it as a sign i should try and get some college work done.

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so, work has me phoning charities recruiting CFOs and whatnot for a focus group being run by another charitable organisation...

whilst on hold to the good people at ASPIRE, rather than being subjected to a 120dB assault of greensleeves, as is, i believe, mandatory from such organisations, i got to listen to coldplay's "clocks" whilst a recorded message about the charity's services was played over the top of it.

anyways, and i probably shouldn't be sharing this with people, i found one part of their message so funny i that had to hang up & choke down my laughter so as not to get in to any trouble

"what made me laugh?" i hear you thinking...

"give you child a birthday to remember with a party at ASPIRE in the pool or sports hall"

this seemingly innocuous sentence conjured up images in my head of children mentally scarred for life, paralytically phobic of wheelchairs or armbands; unable to use public transport for fear of encountering one of the "wheeled monsters" after having been subjected by mum and dad to a birthday party at cripple central.

...ok, so i'm a bad person and i'm going to hell, but if any of you so much as chuckled at that then you're coming along with me.
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is not a word one expects to see on toilet roll packaging

...especially not when preceding a number.


Oct. 21st, 2009 02:27 pm
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so, am finally back at work again :D

although, it took me all of 15 minutes to get into trouble... apparently my bike's a health and safety risk locked to the banisters of the 2nd floor :(

was told by the receptionist to "lock it up on the turd floor"

my first thought was good god! things must've changed here quite a bit since the summer... you're not seriously telling me they've replaced the toilets 2nd floor toilets with urinals are you?!

thankfully i didn't say any of that out loud: turns out she's from t'other side of the pond
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there's nothing quite as nice as work phoning you up first thing in the morning and saying: "there's not much to do on your project... take a day or two off"
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the guy sitting next to me at work today sounds exactly like rich fulcher...yet looks like meatloaf crossed with chris farley

it's too weird


Sep. 7th, 2007 01:54 pm
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can the person or persons with my motivation please return it asap.

i've done fuck all work today and it's going to get me into trouble if i don't pull something special out of the bag in the next 3 hours or so :/
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sat my business information systems exam yesterday...

it was as intolerable as i was expecting. stil, hopefully my less haste method of exam preparation will pay off once again. now all that i've gotta do is catch up on 2 days of work and complete an entire assignment by friday.

oh, and pack all my stuff at the old place up and move it to the new flat.

...and sort out student finance for the coming uni year before it's too late to get it processed in time for the start of term.

today i am busy busy bumblebee :/
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having been wrestling with spreadsheets like some oiled up chubby greek adonis since i rolled into the office this morning i now find myself strung out and wired on coffee.

my hearts racing and my mind's wandering off into jeamland at every opportunity.

...and there's a jazz duo in the lobby downstairs - most bizarre.

still, enough of this procrastination, i've got another conference call with the customer in about half an hour that i'm dangerously under prepared for... not looking forwards to it one bit :S

edit: the call's been postponed til monday, when i have my business systems exam. ahhhhh, sweet reprieve :]


Aug. 16th, 2007 08:59 am
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in work for half 8!

what the fsck's going on with me?


Aug. 15th, 2007 01:13 pm
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7 8 ├╝ber strong coffees,
spicy food for lunch,
and an unshakeable feeling of general well being...

work is almost enjoyable today
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working on a project for price waterhouse coopers researching the use of outsourcing in today's business environment

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