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so, you're probably familiar with randall munroe's recurring character zombie marie curie, but i'm betting you didn't know that there's a real life (or should that be death) feminist icon back from the dead doing good deeds!

ladies and gentlemen, i bring you zombie anita roddick
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so, there's less than a week to go before we must vacate invincible towers and it's dawning on me that i sure am going to miss living here in this flat...

i mean where else can one see such sites on a monday afternoon as this madness?

man with kitchen sink on evering road

at first, just having got back from some exam fun at university, i thought i was imagining this crazy chap outside the shop...
i was convinced that the pressure of eviction, approaching finals & financial worries had finally pushed me too far!
i was worrying that part of my mind had snapped and i'd started hallucinating...
in fact, not having had much sleep over the weekend, i was fairly certain that i'd finally lost the plot.

thankfully, this wasn't the case. it turns out my sanity's not deserted me quite yet ;)

when i left the shop the sink wielding weirdo was but a wee bit further up the road, no doubt explaining to the chap in front of him that he wanted to make sure he'd packed everything and that was why he was carrying his kitchen sink.

how to be you sure you packed everything

for all its faults, hackney really does have a different class of nutter... it'll be a shame to leave the borough, but hopefully wherever it is that i end up will be better, both in terms of entertainment provided by the local mentalists & my own personal living conditions.
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is not a word one expects to see on toilet roll packaging

...especially not when preceding a number.
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so messed up i had to film it.

the action man-type figure in her hand has had crow make-up put on it...almost like it's some kind of Heath Ledger / Brandon Lee voodoo doll.

after waving it side to side, she then starts stroking her face with the things hands..

and salutes the end of the song by holding the doll-of-wrong aloft almost as if she wants her little plastic pal to see the band soaking in the audience's adulation


Feb. 6th, 2008 09:26 pm
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just been round visiting debz...

had three cups of coffee, which promptly sent me to sleep for an hour.

...and she claims she didn't spike 'em. o.O

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