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still without abode, still slogging my guts out at work, still waiting to hear from my sister about how she did in the UK Draughtmasters final...
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my little sister won her regional final of this years draught masters... she's competing in the uk final tomorrow, and if successful will represent britain in the world championships held in London on the 28th of this month!

here's an interesting article about last years competition.
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so, having successfully survived my first week of homelessness, i now find myself at work twiddling my thumbs1.

time for a brief update...

i still don't have enough in the kitty for a deposit, will be another fortnight at least before i can realistically afford moving.
work's sporadic, but am showing face and keeping fingers crossed that i'll get put on some more projects.
there are plans hatching for the next gravity, but the lack of decent venue means it's looking increasingly unlikely these will come to fruition before 2011.

1: not literally, that'd make typing nigh on impossible ;)
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am tired like dog today :/

...turns out the sofas of mates aren't always the most conducive environments for sleeping.

right now, i need to be on the phone and dialing like a good little telephone monkey, but am incapable of greeting that with any more enthusiasm than i would the prospect of gnawing my own leg off...

am starting wonder if i can get away with having a couple of hours kip under my desk


Oct. 6th, 2010 10:45 am
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once again if find myself without a domicile, doh!

and, thanks to my little skrót's woeful inability to ever make it to the airport on time for her flights, am skint as fuck 'til friday :/
fortunately, work has picked up recently so hopefully this time of hardship wont extend beyond the end of month.

in other news, life without the internet is untenable.
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have been having fun & games 1 with the cunts at Thames water...

i suppose the alarm bells should've started ringing when they told me i was unable to stop my liability for the water bill for the flat when we left because i didn't have an address to which i was moving.

apparently, being homeless thanks to eviction does not preclude you having a postal address! yeah, i found that more than a little strange too.

but, this bureaucratic nonsense aside, my woes with them really began when i called to arrange paying off the bill for invincible towers in instalments... i spent a good 15 minutes on the phone to one of their customer representatives explaining that they could send the correspondence to monika's place but that i was neither moving or living there, nor moving anywhere else.

naively, i thought that that was that and all i had to do was make sure they didn't try and keep the direct debit active once i had paid off the outstanding balance. how foolish of me! on monday, rather than just the £37.73 i was expecting to leave my account, there was an additional payment of £71.25!

when i phoned them i discovered that the extra payment was not them trying to recoup the money owed a little quicker, but the first payment for the water bill for monika's address! after an hour or so on the phone i managed to get that sorted, but the fuckers aren't going to reimburse me straight away... the best they can manage is to pay back the money they took "within ten working days"

and just to rub salt in the wounds they are not prepared to reimburse me for bank charges for not having sufficient funds for the direct debit that i have suffered as a result of their error, the bank apparently will be willing to rescind the charge because the payment was a mistake! and when i tried to ascertain how i was supposed to pay for travel to and from work without any money and how exactly i'm meant to feed myself their response was "i'd can only apologise on behalf of Thames Water"

understandably, i'm fuming and will be writing a very angry letter to their complaints department.

before i put pen to paper, however, i thought i should ask if any of you people happen to know if i can take some kind of legal action against them to recoup bank charges, lost earnings, etc. and also whether it is possible to take action about the unauthorised direct debit & their unacceptably slow repayment?

1: the "games" as i erroneously describe them have not, in fact, been fun at all.
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so, there's less than a week to go before we must vacate invincible towers and it's dawning on me that i sure am going to miss living here in this flat...

i mean where else can one see such sites on a monday afternoon as this madness?

man with kitchen sink on evering road

at first, just having got back from some exam fun at university, i thought i was imagining this crazy chap outside the shop...
i was convinced that the pressure of eviction, approaching finals & financial worries had finally pushed me too far!
i was worrying that part of my mind had snapped and i'd started hallucinating...
in fact, not having had much sleep over the weekend, i was fairly certain that i'd finally lost the plot.

thankfully, this wasn't the case. it turns out my sanity's not deserted me quite yet ;)

when i left the shop the sink wielding weirdo was but a wee bit further up the road, no doubt explaining to the chap in front of him that he wanted to make sure he'd packed everything and that was why he was carrying his kitchen sink.

how to be you sure you packed everything

for all its faults, hackney really does have a different class of nutter... it'll be a shame to leave the borough, but hopefully wherever it is that i end up will be better, both in terms of entertainment provided by the local mentalists & my own personal living conditions.
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what's in a name? well, in poland, it turns out a name is not just something people call you by, it also determines when your name day is.

for those of you not in the know, a name day? is kinda like a 2nd birthday.

to celebrate we went to wood green for all the chinese food we could eat & then for a nice long bus ride.

for the first time in my life i find myself envious of those brought up in catholic countries... 2 birthdays... that's 30 lots of presents i've missed out on
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with the exception of housing issues, life is pretty damn sweet right now...hopefully max's money from never-never-land will come through and we won't be made homeless.

have been seeing monika since around the festive period: she's made of win [and has made me a very happy bunny] :D

right now, i'm about to embark upon my end of semester exams - hopefully my patented technique will continue to do well by me.

...and as of this year, G R A V I T Y will be running monthly, starting with the whoopfest that will be february's installment of Electronik Warfare!

shameless promotion

facebook event page

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went to sandhurst for tab's graduation ball on friday.
had to hire a tux & everything for it!
finally got to camberley at about 8pm - deadlines for essays and all that :/
walked about a mile down the road to the wrong entrance in my enthusiasm to get there on time.
the ball itself was pretty enjoyable, although the fireworks stole the show... they must've spent quite a pretty penny on them i can tell you.
did some mine-sweeping - mainly for the danger element.
then there's an alcohol induced mist...
there was a toys out the pram moment which culminated in my leaving the base with what subsequently turned out to be paul's bag, not mine. doh!
i came to my senses at a train station... in guildford! wtf?! o.O
caught a train back to sandhurst & walked back to the base
talked my way back into the site and then tried to find tab & company - sandhurst is like a rabbit warren, but that didn't stop me.
fortunately, my account of finding myself in guildford tempered tab's anger at my drunken antics


notes from the mist:

some people inquired as to whose friend i was, my reply: "it's classified" - obviously i was concerned my behaviour might result in tab having to repeat the training [the punishment for guests misbehaving]
canadian gloves are warm
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1. finding someone who doesn't live in my flat in the kitchen after having let themselves in with a key which they have obviously been given by roger2TM max. this wouldn't be a problem were it not for irksome issue no two...
2. being phoned by an irate estate agent inquiring about where the rent is. am starting to suspect that max might be living in the same never never land that roger-the-cunt came from.
3. the heating, which i had set on timed repeatedly being put on constant - £5 of gas used in 2 days!
4. having to brave the biting cold to put yet more money on the gas card so that i can bathe.
5. realising that i don't update this journal nearly as often as i should - i'll try and be better

i offer this image by way of an apology for my moany update

le weekend

Nov. 1st, 2009 09:46 pm
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friday night was sponsored by booze and the total refusal to sleep. tried twice to flyer club antichrist, both attempts were almost entirely unsuccessful.
still, on the up side, i got to hang out with tab - something i quickly realised that has been missing from my life for too long.
left rachel's place around mid morning and attempted to navigate home powered by more booze and public transport... turns out i'm not the greatest at that, not only failing to get all the way to stoke newington but also misplacing the book i am but pages away from finishing :/
luckily, i ended up at debz's and unlike other recent occasions when i've been at the singing syrup, my antics were amusing to all present.
saturday - after a brief period of unconsciousness, i retrieved what was left of my fighting fluid from debz's fridge and strode out into the wilds of stokey.
'twas scary sarah's sisters quarter century celebrations over in archway and after much haranguing, dan capitulated and accompanied me on the mission.
had the most awesome night... am still whistling happy tunes1 to myself right now, even though it's a good 5 hours since i left brenda's house of madness.
joy :D

1: i successfully ear-wormed myself with music of the dirty gothic persuasion, but am in too good a mood to be angered by this
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candice is out of hospital :)
she's gotta go back in a few weeks time for some tests, but things look positive.

am midway through coursework hell... best get back to it :(

anyways, here's a funny to make up for lack of content

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a lot has happened these past few days:

candice is in hospital with suspected gall stones & liver problems.
she's waiting on the gastro team to give her and endoscopic exam.
hopefully she'll be out by the weekend.

uni work is hectic... still got essays to finish & online tests to take :(

gravity promotion's been in overdrive - if you're not already aware, it's next friday.

i'm gonnna need a holiday after this summer holiday's over.
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despite not being ushered in by the delivery of the new gravity flyers, this weekend's been made of almost pure win.

nat's birthday was great fun... the pub was different, not utterly unpleasant, but way pricey. consequently i took the sensible option and ducked out early to avoid to much damage to my pockets hooking up with the rabble en route to emma's.

the salubrious surroundings and great company conspired to prevent any attempts at an early escape back to the mound of uni work awaiting my weary return.

this week i will mostly be making the bizzy buzzy bumblebees look like indolent job-dodging loafers.
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we had what i presume was a fire drill at uni yesterday... the first we knew of it was our lecture being interrupted by someone informing us of the evacuation! most of the alarms in the main tower block did not work: i counted two1 audible bells on the 7 floors we descended!

were it not a drill we'd probably have sat there obliviously continuing with the lecture until we burnt to death!

but wait, it gets better, neither the security barriers nor the revolving doors2 [fitted at great expense to the uni] in the main entrance were opened! the resultant bottle neck in the lobby of students and staff took around 15 minutes to clear.

i really aught to have learnt to expect this sort of disorganised incompetence from them by now, but somehow it still came as a shock.

1: there are, iirc, 3 bells per floor

2: fancy ones where the fixed screens can swivel, opening the doors up so that people can exit quickly
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...good job it's being posted at stupid o'clock in the morning, eh? o.O

been busy doing not nearly enough these last few weeks, some brief1 high/low-lights [chronologically listed thanks to pathological pedanticism]:

funker vogt gig: an indecipherable blur of alcohol induced fuzz... definitely had fun, but booze stole my memories.

slaughtehaus5: a most enjoyable evening, culminating in some "back to the slab" action. what sunday taught me: rice takes 7 years to cook properly :D

return of monday pool: a combination of my new found proximity to the oak and eva's enthusiasm for cue sports has rekindled the fires of addiction. :D

gravity stuff: arranged guest djs for next event; finished flyers, posters, etc. and even managed to get some printed [albeit for an extortionate amount of money] in order to pester people this weekend.

uni grief: more incompetence from the university of hip hop results in the threat of suspension from my course because they won't claim my fees for this year from my lea... a long[ish] story peppered with examples of why londonmet is a shit hole. fret ye not, recounting it now would make me too angry to sleep.

friday film night: much fun was had resulting in me wandering the streets of tottenham in the wee small hours of saturday

slimelight win: unexpected uwe but band banality canceled each other out. fortunately, a dose of mak magic mixed with max&simon tearing the upstairs floor up good and proper made dave a sated boy indeed.

head-state lose: self worth needs some fixing. feeling kinda lonely too.

sunny sunday: spent almost all day in martina & will's back garden with my hosts and jennifer & matt... spring sure feels like it's here at last :D

shock camden fun: post flyering drinkage with people prevented [or at least postponed] the onset of some bleak.

1: ok, so trade descriptions may beg to differ, but fuck 'em.... bunch of pedantic cunts :p
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...as i'm in an internet café, i'll keep this brief.

moved house, now living in what will shortly resemble an independent bike shop on evering road in sunny stoke newington.

'twas only after we'd moved in that i noticed we're less than a minutes walk from the best indian take out in london [the samosa]... i can't describe just how win this is :D

anywho, my time here is drawing to an end, so i'll say ttfn.
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today i feel like yesterdays news... the cloud of bleak i've been attempting to avoid descended upon me despite my precautions [eating pizza yesterday and not sleeping at home]

currently in uni trying to rectify the mess that is my third year... relying upon the kindness of strangers in a bureaucratic institution is not something that fills me with confidence.

i really need a change of direction socially... the isolation that is my studio's probably not helping either.

i don't make new years resolutions (i resolved this on new years eve back in 2002) but if i did, more exercise and alcohol or other intoxicant induced interaction with strangers would be mine for this year.

i can't stand having a negative frame of mind, but seeing the positive side of things right now is proving most taxing
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pool was good
drunk was better
kebab was genuinely unmemorable :(

still, sleep wasn't a problem... there's something about other people's sofas and extreme inebriation that seems to guarantee a good night's kip.

uni nearly didn't happen - but thankfully i made it in. again i'm glad i'm behind with work : should be kept busy for a while.

i guess i've just gotta find a way of having no free time :/

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