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so, there's less than a week to go before we must vacate invincible towers and it's dawning on me that i sure am going to miss living here in this flat...

i mean where else can one see such sites on a monday afternoon as this madness?

man with kitchen sink on evering road

at first, just having got back from some exam fun at university, i thought i was imagining this crazy chap outside the shop...
i was convinced that the pressure of eviction, approaching finals & financial worries had finally pushed me too far!
i was worrying that part of my mind had snapped and i'd started hallucinating...
in fact, not having had much sleep over the weekend, i was fairly certain that i'd finally lost the plot.

thankfully, this wasn't the case. it turns out my sanity's not deserted me quite yet ;)

when i left the shop the sink wielding weirdo was but a wee bit further up the road, no doubt explaining to the chap in front of him that he wanted to make sure he'd packed everything and that was why he was carrying his kitchen sink.

how to be you sure you packed everything

for all its faults, hackney really does have a different class of nutter... it'll be a shame to leave the borough, but hopefully wherever it is that i end up will be better, both in terms of entertainment provided by the local mentalists & my own personal living conditions.
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the university of hip hop, never an institution to avoid notoriety has, yet again, left me almost speechless.

in the news today, the very real threat of its closure... am a mite concerned as to what'd happen regarding my degree & perhaps more importantly, the massive amount of debt i'm in thanks to it. ho hum, i'm sure i'll find out soon enough

curious about post modern architecture? click here for edification.
now, choosing one of the principal exponents of deconstructivism to design a lecture hall, however fashionable he/she may be is utterly retarded and paying millions of pounds for it illustrates [i think] quite wonderfully the woeful lack of cognitive function amongst the people running the university.

money well spent

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missed my briefing at work by 10 mins, but as i'm still buoyed up by the weekend's dose of win, i took it as a sign i should try and get some college work done.

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a lot has happened these past few days:

candice is in hospital with suspected gall stones & liver problems.
she's waiting on the gastro team to give her and endoscopic exam.
hopefully she'll be out by the weekend.

uni work is hectic... still got essays to finish & online tests to take :(

gravity promotion's been in overdrive - if you're not already aware, it's next friday.

i'm gonnna need a holiday after this summer holiday's over.
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Dear Student

Thank you for your form regarding the clash of your exams on
Wednesday 22nd July 2009.

I have made the following arrangements for you:

CT3014N - Wireless Networks - 22nd July 2009 at 10:00am

Please report to my office, room T2/4 in the Tower Building before your first exam. I will be escorting you to the room where you will be sitting your exam. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow these instructions.

You will be escorted to the Clash Room by an invigilator after your first exam where you will be able to revise for your next exam and have some lunch.

You will then be escorted to T6-20 at 2:00pm by an invigilator to sit your second exam:

CT2024N *PRACTICAL EXAM* - Local Area Networks - 22nd July 2009 at 2:00pm

After your second exam, you will be escorted back to the Clash Room by an invigilator where you will have a break before taking your next exam:

CT2024N - *EXAM & CHAPTER TEST* - Local Area Networks - 22nd July 2009 at 5:00pm

Please make sure you bring food and drink with you on the day as you
will not be able to leave the room except under the supervision of an

the last one being a 2 hour exam followed by 7 tests, lasting up to 1hour each!!!

wish me luck.
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we had what i presume was a fire drill at uni yesterday... the first we knew of it was our lecture being interrupted by someone informing us of the evacuation! most of the alarms in the main tower block did not work: i counted two1 audible bells on the 7 floors we descended!

were it not a drill we'd probably have sat there obliviously continuing with the lecture until we burnt to death!

but wait, it gets better, neither the security barriers nor the revolving doors2 [fitted at great expense to the uni] in the main entrance were opened! the resultant bottle neck in the lobby of students and staff took around 15 minutes to clear.

i really aught to have learnt to expect this sort of disorganised incompetence from them by now, but somehow it still came as a shock.

1: there are, iirc, 3 bells per floor

2: fancy ones where the fixed screens can swivel, opening the doors up so that people can exit quickly
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...good job it's being posted at stupid o'clock in the morning, eh? o.O

been busy doing not nearly enough these last few weeks, some brief1 high/low-lights [chronologically listed thanks to pathological pedanticism]:

funker vogt gig: an indecipherable blur of alcohol induced fuzz... definitely had fun, but booze stole my memories.

slaughtehaus5: a most enjoyable evening, culminating in some "back to the slab" action. what sunday taught me: rice takes 7 years to cook properly :D

return of monday pool: a combination of my new found proximity to the oak and eva's enthusiasm for cue sports has rekindled the fires of addiction. :D

gravity stuff: arranged guest djs for next event; finished flyers, posters, etc. and even managed to get some printed [albeit for an extortionate amount of money] in order to pester people this weekend.

uni grief: more incompetence from the university of hip hop results in the threat of suspension from my course because they won't claim my fees for this year from my lea... a long[ish] story peppered with examples of why londonmet is a shit hole. fret ye not, recounting it now would make me too angry to sleep.

friday film night: much fun was had resulting in me wandering the streets of tottenham in the wee small hours of saturday

slimelight win: unexpected uwe but band banality canceled each other out. fortunately, a dose of mak magic mixed with max&simon tearing the upstairs floor up good and proper made dave a sated boy indeed.

head-state lose: self worth needs some fixing. feeling kinda lonely too.

sunny sunday: spent almost all day in martina & will's back garden with my hosts and jennifer & matt... spring sure feels like it's here at last :D

shock camden fun: post flyering drinkage with people prevented [or at least postponed] the onset of some bleak.

1: ok, so trade descriptions may beg to differ, but fuck 'em.... bunch of pedantic cunts :p
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question in lecture just now

"who here's formatted a windows ntfs drive?"

response from student sitting next to me:

"what's that?"

in film news: Pride and Predator looks set to be realised.... i can't wait :D

yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] ninja_badger
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today i feel like yesterdays news... the cloud of bleak i've been attempting to avoid descended upon me despite my precautions [eating pizza yesterday and not sleeping at home]

currently in uni trying to rectify the mess that is my third year... relying upon the kindness of strangers in a bureaucratic institution is not something that fills me with confidence.

i really need a change of direction socially... the isolation that is my studio's probably not helping either.

i don't make new years resolutions (i resolved this on new years eve back in 2002) but if i did, more exercise and alcohol or other intoxicant induced interaction with strangers would be mine for this year.

i can't stand having a negative frame of mind, but seeing the positive side of things right now is proving most taxing
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as i can't seem to apply myself to this coursework owing to complete lack of self-discipline, i found this mentalist on youtube... enjoy

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i've been angry before, sometimes i could even have been described as being very angry...

tonight, however, i am livid; incandescent with rage! furious is not a strong enough word. pissed off doesn't come close to describing the searing wroth pumping coursing through my veins!

in fact, the effort required not to destroy this keyboard in the process of writing this entry is display of will power i wasn't aware i was capable of.

my piece of shit university have given me two coursework assignments for the cisco element of the degree. one is tantalisingly close to containing sufficient information for me to be able to actually do the fucking work.

i say tantalisingly close, what i actually mean is it contains everything i need except the vital information : network addresses, number of subnets, routing protocols & dce/dte information.

the other one contains this line of text "This is a Cisco based module. The course works are available on-line and set externally."

which is not only the vaguest communication i've received from the university of hip hop, it's also fallacious to the point of the ridiculous: There is nothing on the cisco site, the lecturer's page for the module has a pdf named "Coursework," which i'm guessing actually has the information i need, except it's fucking encrypted. and we've not been told the bastard's password, so it serves only to enrage me more. it might as well not be there if we, the students, can't fucking access it!!

how the fuck am i supposed to submit coursework if i don't know what it is i'm supposed to be doing?!!

jesus fucking christ!
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...well, not quite, but i'd forgotten i've got a database exam on monday.

best get revising :/
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i never thought i'd be grateful for having uni work to catch up on...
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earlier today in my software engineering lecture

Dr. Peter Oriogun: "If you take what I say in the lecture as being correct, you will fail the exam."

should i be worried?
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Shahram Salekzamankhani

Freddy De la cruz



Jan. 25th, 2008 04:38 pm
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so, much to my dismay, it was closed book...

still, i managed to get 74.4% having only revised 80% of the syllabus. which is well weapon :]

now all i've got to do is learn oracle by monday and packet tracer and associated real world router configuration by tuesday. and find the time to celebrate the birthdays of kai et al.
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right, time for exam #3... i hope to christ it's open book.


Jan. 17th, 2008 11:47 am
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that was not fun.

wrote 11 pages, so probably scored around 70-80%... which ought to mean high sixties overall.

my fingers hurt


Jan. 14th, 2008 10:16 pm
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today i have mostly been learning the material needed for my exam tomorrow.

am quietly confident about it... hopefully it won't prove to be unfounded
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my project got shelved today... no big surprise given that the client's failed to supply the necessary data to ensure its proper running.

got a handover on thursday afternoon then i'm free to concentrate more fully on my studies [no bad thing given the coursework fiasco yesterday]

so, back to just one job for me... for now

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