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today i did some computer hacking type stuffs as a favour for a friend... the ironic nature of which is too delicious not to share.

the act of which can be summed up in five wonderful words

i scammed internets from nigerians


and the significance of the subject [in case your curiosity was piqued].... 2011 x 2011 x 2011 </delight>
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big props go to [livejournal.com profile] cooljohn for introducing me to this beauty...

watch it, watch it NOW!

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my little sister won her regional final of this years draught masters... she's competing in the uk final tomorrow, and if successful will represent britain in the world championships held in London on the 28th of this month!

here's an interesting article about last years competition.
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i really do think that this could very well be the best zombie film ever produced...

i urge you all in the strongest possible terms to hunt this beauty down and enjoy its full cinematic glory!

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is that thanks to what i can only describe as the rather strange decision made by apple to include an onboard motion sensor in their trendy little machines, and the hard work of a friend of a friend, you can do this to them :D

and 'cos i'm feeling somewhat expansive today...

here's some linkage for you trendy style-over-substance mac users
[or those of you with a mischievous streak]
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unless you like r&b music, watch with the sound off! but do watch.

seriously guys, this dude's incredible
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america: bigger, brasher and unrepentantly over the top... and things don't get much more ostentatious than our yanky brethren celebrating the baby jesus's birthday.

but dammit, you're just not doing it right! unless, like carson willams, you've gone to the extent of setting up your own radio station so that people can dial in as they drive by and freak out at the horror marvel at the wonder that is your festively synchronised light & sound show.

you don't need sound to gawp at the lunacy that is carson's christmas lights, but the man did set up his own fucking fm radio transmitter so as to avoid barraging his poor neighbours with non-stop music as well as grand mal inducing light pollution!

oh well, it's all fun and games until there's an accident and the emergency services can't respond due to the tailbacks caused by crazed holiday makers taking a road trip to see what $10,000 worth of christmas lights looks like.
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so, i just got a call from my friend james [[livejournal.com profile] mildseven].

he's drunk and on a train, a train to glastonbury: a festival he's not entirely sure he's actually bought a ticket for!

armed with 2 litres of vodka disguised as evian and a passionate hatred of poi he's off to bring his unique brand of mayhem to the southwest.

i suppose it's his reasoning i admire the most. in his own words he "thought it would be better to go to glastonbury after staying up all night drinking than go in to work in the same state"
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it was a weekend like the ones of old... will type it up when cogent thought is achievable once more.

for now, dave elsewhere...


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