Jan. 21st, 2009 02:44 am
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have become nocturnal :/


Jun. 17th, 2008 04:22 am
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woops, accidental nocturnality :/

seems like i've been here before
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soppy clowns and katie are a delight.

feel vague and fuzzy... sleep is not far away :]


Jan. 11th, 2008 11:18 am
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last night's excursion into the surreal saw me living in a building on the edge of some nondescript wasteland.

outside my window was a fence, marking the border between the property and the semi-forested hilly expanse of land that lay beyond it. there were things piled up against the fence in white boxes and even some shelves that had been fastened to it.

i was living in what i presume was some post apocalyptic deserted world; a desolate place with only one or two other people anywhere near me.

i'd been out shooting with one of the guns that had been left by some of the previous tenants of my building. when a man turned up in a car, obviously looking to loot the property... i chased him off, taking pot shots at him as he left.

having vanquished this interloper, i decided to check on the weaponry available to me.

at this point, i woke up.

then, after a short period trying to return to jeamland i was readmitted

the world had changed from being sparsely populated into one that more closely resembled this one. i was at a train station, looking to purchase a lock for my bike before we caught the train.

wandering around the shop in the station which looked like the home-improvement section of a wilkinsons except split over several levels, which was odd given the total floorspace of the shop must've been somewhere between 300 & 500 ft.

i eventually found a shop assistant and asked her where i could find the locks. she took me across the store to where the locks should've been and announced that she'd have to check with the manager as there didn't appear to be any on display.

alexei sayle wandered over and she asked him where the locks were. he said, "we're sold out, but there's one up in the canteen this customer can have. come with me"

so, the shop assistant and myself followed the legendary comedian around the labyrinthine corridors that linked the shop floor to the staff canteen on one of the floors above. on the way, i was attempting to explain to the girl how her boss was one of the founding fathers of alternative comedy and how he'd been the compere for the comedy store.

alexei overheard this and gave me a knowing look as we walked into the canteen. there were a lot of people here. somewhere in the region of 50, which for a small hardware shop inside a station struck me as being so many as to be suspicious.

i followed the undersized suit wearing liverpudlian around the canteen, effectively working our way anticlockwise so that alexei could grab the lock from the kitchen.

whilst waiting for him, i looked out the window onto the scene below us, and well, imagine my surprise when i realised i was looking down at the same fence from my earlier dream.

the shock of this alone was enough to wake me.


ps whose number is this 07737 802 403 ?
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the wire is more addictive than crack.

still, maybe now i can do something about this pesky sleep pattern


Nov. 20th, 2007 03:03 am
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just looked over at the clock to see what time it was, only to discover that it was not permitted.

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had the worst night's sleep i can remember.

bad dreams and anxiety.

where did i sign up for this?

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