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so, you're probably familiar with randall munroe's recurring character zombie marie curie, but i'm betting you didn't know that there's a real life (or should that be death) feminist icon back from the dead doing good deeds!

ladies and gentlemen, i bring you zombie anita roddick
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there's a high powered business meeting taking place in the office today.. am trying my best to look busy - but i keep getting distracted by stuff like this:

how can i be expected to work when there's stuff like that happening in the outside world?

oh, and happy lupus day people.
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so, there's less than a week to go before we must vacate invincible towers and it's dawning on me that i sure am going to miss living here in this flat...

i mean where else can one see such sites on a monday afternoon as this madness?

man with kitchen sink on evering road

at first, just having got back from some exam fun at university, i thought i was imagining this crazy chap outside the shop...
i was convinced that the pressure of eviction, approaching finals & financial worries had finally pushed me too far!
i was worrying that part of my mind had snapped and i'd started hallucinating...
in fact, not having had much sleep over the weekend, i was fairly certain that i'd finally lost the plot.

thankfully, this wasn't the case. it turns out my sanity's not deserted me quite yet ;)

when i left the shop the sink wielding weirdo was but a wee bit further up the road, no doubt explaining to the chap in front of him that he wanted to make sure he'd packed everything and that was why he was carrying his kitchen sink.

how to be you sure you packed everything

for all its faults, hackney really does have a different class of nutter... it'll be a shame to leave the borough, but hopefully wherever it is that i end up will be better, both in terms of entertainment provided by the local mentalists & my own personal living conditions.
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as i can't seem to apply myself to this coursework owing to complete lack of self-discipline, i found this mentalist on youtube... enjoy

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after some 34 hours straight1 spent packing and cleaning, things are going relatively smoothly; have sorted storage space and nearly packed everything although this last 10% of my possessions is proving somewhat difficult to box up... maybe best just to chuck the stuff that's costly/inconvenient to replace later on.

am really not looking forwards to attempting to get the deposit back off the landlord... the pikey bastard's tighter than a gnat's chuff and describing my knowledge of the procedure as scant would be an overstatement to say the least.

anyways, best stop this procrastination and get back to work.

1: candice & i somehow found the time to see alterred at the islington academy... thoroughly enjoyed their performance, although the audience were nothing short of appalling: i don't think it would have been possible to find a more lackluster bunch of morose individuals.
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tonight's bowling battle, billed as awesome more than justified the hype...

with an even number of chums from afar and those born on this blessed isle, it seemed natural we play brits vs the world: why break with hundreds of years of tradition?

the odds seemed stacked against us, what with lourens-the-bowling-savant and a team of americans to contend with our hopes lay with our not-so-secret weapon, the wii trained mr kingtiger.

much to my surprise, we totally stormed the first round, outscoring the other team by over a hundred points. my constant failure to get a strike, felling 9 pins 5 times, didn't prevent me from prevailing, just pipping kingtiger for top spot.

there was from the other team talk of their lane being cursed, and mutterings of foul play whenever the magic's trademark divebowling technique yielded results, so, in an effort to appease the rotw team, for the next game kingtiger switched sides and we switched lanes.

the second round saw a reversal of fortune for us; paul and lyssa joined our ranks, but without our star man, further drubbing of the other team was sadly beyond us. bested by the bolstered bunch and bowling mainly for pride we managed to close in on their impressive total of 600 but weren't really in with a chance... however, paul's brilliant last frame swung the balance in our favour.

dunno what it was with the number 9 tonight, but even the final score was full of them.

britain 999, the rest of the world 993

right, break over, back to the coursework :/
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right, time for exam #3... i hope to christ it's open book.


Jan. 14th, 2008 10:16 pm
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today i have mostly been learning the material needed for my exam tomorrow.

am quietly confident about it... hopefully it won't prove to be unfounded
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great, now i can't find my clock

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continuing with my theme of not attending uni.

today finds me assembling a wardrobe.

complicated is not a strong enough word for the set of instructions the catalogue shop famed for its book of dreams expects me to follow.


Aug. 25th, 2007 12:36 am
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is progressing with surprising alacrity, although i have an insuppressible sense of foreboding that i have only scratched the surface.

in other news, i have a lot of books.

an awful lot of books. might have to get more boxes :/

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