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tree climbing kicks ass.
autonomy was wikkid.
spoox's after party was awesome.
staying til wednesday was made of win :]

made of win

Oct. 2nd, 2007 06:13 pm
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got a phone call a wee while ago as i cycled back from brick lane in the rain...

it would appear there is no book-voodoo afoot, just a messy girl and a chair.
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not everything that's lost stays that way


Aug. 14th, 2007 06:59 pm
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london seems cold, damp and empty.

don't know what to do with myself... catch up on work, college or move some more of my stuff to the new place.

still, leicester was the awesome
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off to take my frame to brixton cycles, hook up with my mate ruud and prepare for the trip north for autonomy.

today i am like busy busy bumblebee


Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:05 pm
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anyone out of you lot going this month?

kinda need to take a hoover to leicester this weekend and figure i might as well do the autonomy thing, unless that is, no one's going - don't wanna be stuck waiting at leicester train station for hours on the sunday morning on my own.
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leicester was, as ever, the awesome fun. london seems dull and listless in comparison.

after a disappointingly sudden end to the proceedings i managed to get back to the big smoke on sunday night.

pool on monday was many fun, some of the girls from the team showed up making it just about the busiest week i can remember.

today was much less difficult than i had imagined, got my security pass and have done all the work i can until we get the rest of the data sent over. </smug>

thank bram cohen for all the comedy i've downloaded that's keeping me sane :]
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i'm playing autonomy on saturday.

i expect to see the coventry portion of my readership there.
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leicester was fantastic... what a venue, and what a venue.

gained some party karma, and learnt once more that life is pretty fucking sweet.


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