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ok, so the bank charge issue has been resolved. i am not being made to pay the £20 fee for unauthorised borrowing...

however, i am still keen to seek some sort of recompense from thames water for the fact that i have to survive 'til i am paid on literally no money at all - something that wouldn't have happened if they hadn't taken it upon themselves to bill me for a property i am not living at.

now, i might be confabulating here, but back in the days when internet banking was only just starting to be taken seriously i was employed by cahoot, and i'm fairly sure there was mention of it being illegal [or at the very least against banking code of practice] for a company/bank to debit an individuals account without that person permitting/requesting them to do so.

do any of you know if that is the case, or merely a bi-product of the years of self-inflicted abuse my brain has suffered?
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have been having fun & games 1 with the cunts at Thames water...

i suppose the alarm bells should've started ringing when they told me i was unable to stop my liability for the water bill for the flat when we left because i didn't have an address to which i was moving.

apparently, being homeless thanks to eviction does not preclude you having a postal address! yeah, i found that more than a little strange too.

but, this bureaucratic nonsense aside, my woes with them really began when i called to arrange paying off the bill for invincible towers in instalments... i spent a good 15 minutes on the phone to one of their customer representatives explaining that they could send the correspondence to monika's place but that i was neither moving or living there, nor moving anywhere else.

naively, i thought that that was that and all i had to do was make sure they didn't try and keep the direct debit active once i had paid off the outstanding balance. how foolish of me! on monday, rather than just the £37.73 i was expecting to leave my account, there was an additional payment of £71.25!

when i phoned them i discovered that the extra payment was not them trying to recoup the money owed a little quicker, but the first payment for the water bill for monika's address! after an hour or so on the phone i managed to get that sorted, but the fuckers aren't going to reimburse me straight away... the best they can manage is to pay back the money they took "within ten working days"

and just to rub salt in the wounds they are not prepared to reimburse me for bank charges for not having sufficient funds for the direct debit that i have suffered as a result of their error, the bank apparently will be willing to rescind the charge because the payment was a mistake! and when i tried to ascertain how i was supposed to pay for travel to and from work without any money and how exactly i'm meant to feed myself their response was "i'd can only apologise on behalf of Thames Water"

understandably, i'm fuming and will be writing a very angry letter to their complaints department.

before i put pen to paper, however, i thought i should ask if any of you people happen to know if i can take some kind of legal action against them to recoup bank charges, lost earnings, etc. and also whether it is possible to take action about the unauthorised direct debit & their unacceptably slow repayment?

1: the "games" as i erroneously describe them have not, in fact, been fun at all.


Dec. 11th, 2009 11:25 am
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anyone know where i can get a [cheap] black bow tie from today?

preferably near stokey
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as most of you are probably aware, i don't play the facebook game, but i would be very appreciative if some of you lot could send out some mass invites to gravity...

i'm celebrating my 30th there and would really like it if my friends were there to help mark the occasion.


Dec. 5th, 2008 12:43 pm
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does anyone know how to fix problems the $Mft file on NTFS drives? one of my HDs has gone kaput and i really don't fancy trying to replace 1TB of music, films & tv :/

have tried chkdsk but it's useless, testdisk reports both the $Mft and its mirror are b0rked... and i'm at my wits' end


Jul. 31st, 2008 11:33 am
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i've landed a gig djing tomorrow night. trouble is, it's metal... and i ain't entirely up to date with the scene.

what songs should i acquire between then and now to play?
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why is there no adjective form of simile?


Sep. 7th, 2007 01:54 pm
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can the person or persons with my motivation please return it asap.

i've done fuck all work today and it's going to get me into trouble if i don't pull something special out of the bag in the next 3 hours or so :/


Jul. 31st, 2007 09:23 pm
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i have a 500GB usb hard disc that went kaput [windows 2k crashed and b0rked the FAT table]

now, i'm trying to reformat it, but can't get it to format at anything other than 127GB on win2k and 810GB on xp.

neither of these are right, so i am reluctant to attempt it. how can i make it format properly?

stupid fucking windows
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it would appear that the <unts at creative couldn't be bothered to make their new mp3 players compatible with any operating system other than XP.

gonna have to buy a new pc, as amazon will not allow me to return it to them as i have opened the packaging and used the

the product details page makes no mention of the fact it doesn't work on other operating systems.

is there anything short of forking out cash for an xp capable computer that i can do about this?

edit 4:47am sorted it - ish, had to fucl< around with all sorts of computer jiggery pokery. i'm never buying another creative product again. they're worse than apple. wanl<ers

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