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today i did some computer hacking type stuffs as a favour for a friend... the ironic nature of which is too delicious not to share.

the act of which can be summed up in five wonderful words

i scammed internets from nigerians


and the significance of the subject [in case your curiosity was piqued].... 2011 x 2011 x 2011 </delight>
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with the exception of housing issues, life is pretty damn sweet right now...hopefully max's money from never-never-land will come through and we won't be made homeless.

have been seeing monika since around the festive period: she's made of win [and has made me a very happy bunny] :D

right now, i'm about to embark upon my end of semester exams - hopefully my patented technique will continue to do well by me.

...and as of this year, G R A V I T Y will be running monthly, starting with the whoopfest that will be february's installment of Electronik Warfare!

shameless promotion

facebook event page

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missed my briefing at work by 10 mins, but as i'm still buoyed up by the weekend's dose of win, i took it as a sign i should try and get some college work done.


le weekend

Nov. 1st, 2009 09:46 pm
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friday night was sponsored by booze and the total refusal to sleep. tried twice to flyer club antichrist, both attempts were almost entirely unsuccessful.
still, on the up side, i got to hang out with tab - something i quickly realised that has been missing from my life for too long.
left rachel's place around mid morning and attempted to navigate home powered by more booze and public transport... turns out i'm not the greatest at that, not only failing to get all the way to stoke newington but also misplacing the book i am but pages away from finishing :/
luckily, i ended up at debz's and unlike other recent occasions when i've been at the singing syrup, my antics were amusing to all present.
saturday - after a brief period of unconsciousness, i retrieved what was left of my fighting fluid from debz's fridge and strode out into the wilds of stokey.
'twas scary sarah's sisters quarter century celebrations over in archway and after much haranguing, dan capitulated and accompanied me on the mission.
had the most awesome night... am still whistling happy tunes1 to myself right now, even though it's a good 5 hours since i left brenda's house of madness.
joy :D

1: i successfully ear-wormed myself with music of the dirty gothic persuasion, but am in too good a mood to be angered by this

Yays :)

Jan. 27th, 2009 09:48 am
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just paid the holding deposit on a flat in stoke newington... should be moving in between the 7th & 14th of next month :D

in other news, Gravity is happening again: it's next friday [6th feb] and it'd be totally hip if you guys could make it.

the last one was awesome fun and this one will be orders of magnitude better.

PS. if any of you lot on the old farcebook could maybe pimp this facebook event about a bit i'd be super happy
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not been reading lj these last few days, but just wanted to say life is sweet

't would be sweeter were i less behind with coursework... but it's still pretty rockin' :D


Jun. 12th, 2008 09:18 pm
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wow! i'm on the front page of b3ta

sweet :)


Mar. 10th, 2008 03:29 pm
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this book turned up today :]

can't wait to read it
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so, i returned from the impromptu excursion into the french alps on saturday a bruised and battered wreck of a man having spent the previous week trying not to die on&off the piste. there now follows my high/lowlights of the experience.

getting to geneva was fairly uneventful; the transfer [3 hours in a cramped minibus full of people & equipment] equally so.

day 1: we arrived in tignes after nightfall, so it wasn't until the morning i got to see how stunningly beautiful the surroundings were where we were staying. breakfast saw the creation of the ham-o-chocolat... mmmm ham-o-chocolat :)

snowboarding was slightly harder than i'd been anticipating, but with the lovely kasia's patient tutelage, i'd soon picked up the basics. so, i decided to join the group above the one i was meant to be in. a good move, i thought, especially given the amount i picked up in the first lesson [fakie, 180's & 360's etc].

day 2: i was totally unprepared for the joint & muscle ache i'd feel this morning which, as an unpleasant experience, was only outweighed by what was to happen on the mountain.

after about an hour of instruction, i was abandoned at the top of a mountain!

not having a piste map or phone on me [why would i need such things with an instructor present?] i tried desperately to get back to tignes. a task made ludicrously difficult by my poor french skills and ignorance as to the particular enclave of tignes we were staying in. i was told to take a bus, which i did only to discover it went to the wrong tignes!

getting off the bus i accosted a policeman and struggled to explain my predicament to him, he suggested i ask in a hotel which enabled me to find that tignes-les-brevieres, where we were staying was not served by the buses... i could get a bus part way there, but i'd have to hike/snowboard the remaining distance.

choosing the latter [the bitter cold gnawing at my appendages], i struggled through the ever darkening twilight down a very narrow and flat blue run, almost breaking my elbow in the process, and finally getting to the bottom of the village some 41/2 hours after being left to fend for myself.

as a result of this harrowing experience i'm sure i now have abandonment issues.

day 3: was too exhausted to keep up with my group as a result of my epic journey the day before, so i joined the group below me. probably a bad move, only got 1 piece of instruction in the whole lesson.

day 4: rest day. played a lot of playstation.

day 5: trip to val-d'isere. set off alone [but with phone & piste map this time - see i can learn] and promptly fell on the 1st run almost wrenching my right arm from it's socket causing some tendon damage. decided to plough on rather than return to the chalet.

the pain got worse and worse, til by the end i was slowly edging down slopes trying to keep my arm as still as possible.

i'd nearly made it to my destination when i fell again, cracking a rib :(

beer and painkillers helped me pass out that night.

day 6: after the worst night's sleep in a very long time, i was in too much pain to even contemplate snowboarding, choosing instead to lie on the sofa all day, only venturing out for drinks in the evening. and with only [livejournal.com profile] kitch_kash, [livejournal.com profile] drreagan & [livejournal.com profile] gauis_octavian for company it seemed fairly safe.

ended up staying out til all the money was gone... my last memory of the night was giving kasia a piggyback up the hill to our chalet.

day 7: came to on the sofa, stumbled around to gather my stuff in time for the transfer's departure and just about managed to crawl into the minibus. fell asleep on kasia, then the snowboards in the aisle, and woke at the airport to discover my passport was missing!

my abandonment issues began to kick in as the prospect of being left in switzerland began to coalesce before my very eyes.

fortunately it was in geordi's pocket - it appears i do some very strange things when drunk.

all in all, i had an excellent time and memories of holiday have me smiling to myself even now :)


Jan. 25th, 2008 04:38 pm
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so, much to my dismay, it was closed book...

still, i managed to get 74.4% having only revised 80% of the syllabus. which is well weapon :]

now all i've got to do is learn oracle by monday and packet tracer and associated real world router configuration by tuesday. and find the time to celebrate the birthdays of kai et al.
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there's nothing quite as nice as work phoning you up first thing in the morning and saying: "there's not much to do on your project... take a day or two off"


Sep. 22nd, 2007 03:34 am
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lucy made me do it.

must... avoid... potatochop


Aug. 15th, 2007 01:13 pm
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7 8 über strong coffees,
spicy food for lunch,
and an unshakeable feeling of general well being...

work is almost enjoyable today


Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:16 pm
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after literally weeks of hassle, my frame has finally arrived

*does the happy dance*

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