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if you're looking for an example of understatement, the message tagged to the end of fast five is up there with "oliver reed enjoyed the occasional drink."

as you may have guessed, i watched the latest installment in the fast & the furious franchise last night...

mindless action from start to finish.

the director was obviously of the opinion that the choreographed coach crash to break out the gravel gargling vin diesel wasn't disregarding the laws of physics enough, the 100m plunge he and co star paul walker take into a lake after crashing a truck into a train sure as hell did.

but brazilian crime lords aren't the kind of guys you go up against without your pals so growly chops jets the gang in for assistance.

pursued by DSS bloodhound dwayne i-used-to-be-the-rock johnson, they opt for amassing a shit load of souped up sport cars and then attempt to pull off the kind of ridiculous scams the chuckle brothers would write off as too asinine.

unsurprisingly this approach doesn't work, so they throw more guns and vehicles into the melée until the whole shebang erupts into a ten minute car chase bank vault chase through the streets of rio.

the highlight of the film for me was this bit of banter when rock tries to arrest the crew midway through the film:

THE ROCK:    Your mistake is thinking you've got a God
                   damned choice boy!!

VIN DIESEL:  Your mistake: thinking you're in America.
                   You're a long way from home.
                   THIS... IS... BRAZIL!

utterly brilliant!
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i really do think that this could very well be the best zombie film ever produced...

i urge you all in the strongest possible terms to hunt this beauty down and enjoy its full cinematic glory!

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so, transporter 3 eh?

ashamed as i am to say this, it's really not bad at all.

quite good in fact, if that is, you can disengage the thinking part of your brain


Jul. 31st, 2008 10:30 pm
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just watched taking liberties... man am i angry now
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be kind rewind is awesome...

sweded movies rock... i need more of them

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i watched the most amazing film today.

if you've not seen "stranger than fiction yet" i suggest, nay implore you to borrow/buy/rent/steal a copy and watch a film that not only will delight you, but also make you see will ferrell in a whole new light.

it did more than take my mind off my injuries, it made my day.
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the review in the metro promised racism, fascism and homophobic jingoism...

what we got was 300 hooting spartans led by their incongruously scottish sounding, innumerate king who fight the oppressive forces of the goa'uld persians to keep their freedom.

there were mutants, cripples, swords & six packs. it was beautiful, violent and laced with black humour. maybe let down a little or "hammed up" by some of the over the top acting on display.

still, robo-good fun and as [livejournal.com profile] xerode says, "it's not every day you get to see breasts bigger than you are."

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