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OK peoples, who wants to see the cheeky chappy live in north london's bestest comedy club?

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i have spare tickets for russell howard tonight

it's at the salmon & compass in angel

shout if you want one
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The Amazing Russell Howard is performing again at Fat Tuesday...

I have no more ticket allocation, so if you wanna see him, get your tickets here
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it's fat tuesday tonight...

the guy who runs the event was telling me last week that he'd lined up either simon amstell or russel howard to perform [can't remember which one of the two as i was quite inebriated at this point]1

am placing a ticket order in about an hours time, gimme a shout if you want in.
you can get them here

1: i cannot guarantee them being there as tiernan told me he'd not made it public knowledge as they'd canceled the previous time he'd booked them...

however, also performing are:

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BRITAIN is 'well and truly, Geordie-lass-on-her-hen-night fucked' if people can no longer afford to eat at Greggs, financial analysts warned last night.

If people can no longer afford a Greggs slice then what the fuck are they eating?

Profits have plummeted at the high street baker due to a combination of falling demand and a sharp increase in the cost of whatever it is they put in their pasties.

Tom Logan, meat and pastry analyst at Donnelly-McPartlin, said: "We've always used Greggs as a sort of base line for absolute poverty.

"At the moment things do seem to be hurtling downhill like Frank Spencer on a roller skate. If people can't afford Greggs, then I would say we're about six to nine months away from what I like to call 'Mad Max 2'."

But Greggs insisted it will work hard to retain its customer base by finding new and exciting animals to mince and, if necessary, installing boxing rings at the back of their larger stores.

A spokesman said: "We'll toss in a ham and cheese slice, get two unwed mothers to scrap for it and charge a fiver at the door.

"We'll also take a 10% commission from the local bookie. Our customers love nothing more than betting on a skank fight."

Meanwhile Sainsbury's has admitted the profit plunge at Greggs 'does not bode well' for its Taste The Difference range.

A spokesman added: "We may as well try shifting brithday cakes made of raw tripe with Cherie Blair's face on them."

yoinked from the daily mash
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mark thomas flyer

got one ticket spare [£8] if anyone wants.
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put a note in your diaries for tuesday march the 3rd

MARK THOMAS is back on the circuit.

he's appearing at fat tuesday in angel, am gonna book tickets for this tomorrow. booked tickets...

shout if you want one. [£7/6 concessions]
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a few days ago, bbc3 broadcast the pilot for a new sitcom: the site... check it out, it's pretty funny/weird
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@ London Salmon and Compass, Tue 7th Oct, 2008

there are only about 25 tickets left for this... £7 [£6 concessions] if you've not commented below, go here to buy your own.


can't find any good vids of the other two... but here's a memorable phil kay moment...

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What's worse than being a podgy, swotty, virginal schoolboy? How about your dad's the headmaster too? For his 24th Edinburgh Show, the star of 'Oh Fuck, I'm 40' dusts off his old diaries, rekindles memories that might best have been left forgotten and picks off scabs from wounds that he thought had healed to discover if he can blame his upbringing for his adult failures.

'Herring is a superior comedian.... hilarious.' The Guardian

'Smart and Effective.' Chortle


This is about the magic of learning and making sense of the world. It's about the little and big things in life. It covers the stars, wildlife, animals and museums, being inspired by books she has read and people she's met along the way.

'Completely Brilliant' Metro

'Delightful' List

Get there early - cocktails are 2-4-1 before 8!

As always these two stonking previews will be Upstairs at The Salmon and Compass, 58 Penton Street, Islington N1 9PZ. Nearest tube is Angel on the Northern Line and there is a lovely map at www.salmonandcompass.com. The bar now serves lovely grub so you can eat before you laff!

Tickets are £6 or £5 concs and show starts at 8.30pm.

who's up for it?


Jan. 11th, 2008 11:18 am
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last night's excursion into the surreal saw me living in a building on the edge of some nondescript wasteland.

outside my window was a fence, marking the border between the property and the semi-forested hilly expanse of land that lay beyond it. there were things piled up against the fence in white boxes and even some shelves that had been fastened to it.

i was living in what i presume was some post apocalyptic deserted world; a desolate place with only one or two other people anywhere near me.

i'd been out shooting with one of the guns that had been left by some of the previous tenants of my building. when a man turned up in a car, obviously looking to loot the property... i chased him off, taking pot shots at him as he left.

having vanquished this interloper, i decided to check on the weaponry available to me.

at this point, i woke up.

then, after a short period trying to return to jeamland i was readmitted

the world had changed from being sparsely populated into one that more closely resembled this one. i was at a train station, looking to purchase a lock for my bike before we caught the train.

wandering around the shop in the station which looked like the home-improvement section of a wilkinsons except split over several levels, which was odd given the total floorspace of the shop must've been somewhere between 300 & 500 ft.

i eventually found a shop assistant and asked her where i could find the locks. she took me across the store to where the locks should've been and announced that she'd have to check with the manager as there didn't appear to be any on display.

alexei sayle wandered over and she asked him where the locks were. he said, "we're sold out, but there's one up in the canteen this customer can have. come with me"

so, the shop assistant and myself followed the legendary comedian around the labyrinthine corridors that linked the shop floor to the staff canteen on one of the floors above. on the way, i was attempting to explain to the girl how her boss was one of the founding fathers of alternative comedy and how he'd been the compere for the comedy store.

alexei overheard this and gave me a knowing look as we walked into the canteen. there were a lot of people here. somewhere in the region of 50, which for a small hardware shop inside a station struck me as being so many as to be suspicious.

i followed the undersized suit wearing liverpudlian around the canteen, effectively working our way anticlockwise so that alexei could grab the lock from the kitchen.

whilst waiting for him, i looked out the window onto the scene below us, and well, imagine my surprise when i realised i was looking down at the same fence from my earlier dream.

the shock of this alone was enough to wake me.


ps whose number is this 07737 802 403 ?

less haste

Jan. 7th, 2008 02:30 pm
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i have been busy like bumble bee.

what with manuela's birthday rolling on well into the next day. lucy shanghaied the unsuspecting revellers and dragged them back to the wilds of finsbury park.

it was a most excellent continuation of the pub fun.

and tonight we visit the museum of curiosity to be entertained by the legendary john lloyd and the incomparable bill bailey. win

and, much to my delight, i somehow found the time and luck to unite my camera and pc once more...

produce of purple towers )

bill bailey

Oct. 6th, 2007 12:35 am
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despite the earlier setbacks, tonight's comedy offering was pretty damned sweet.

after arriving late [my fault] at the wrong tube station [my fault] we got a taxi to hammersmith in good time to grab a place right at the front of the queue.

we sat down, close enough to the stage to hear bill's asthmatic wheezing and to watch each and every glistening bead of sweat that formed on his forehead from inception to brow wiping demise.

but, just before the start of the show, some idiot dropped their phone underneath the tiered seating.

as the show was being recorded, they went and told the usher who was evidently making sure no one attempted to storm the stage and pay impromptu homage to the comedic maestro we were there to see.

so, anyway despite the potential havoc of having an unanswerable phone ringing during the show, bill strolls on stage and begins his show. 5 minutes in, announces that some numpty had dropped their phone under the seats and then asked them to shout out the number so he could call it.

they did, he did... sadly, the phone was on silent.

not particularly funny or noteworthy, i know. but, i do now have bill bailey's number.

other highlights included the assortment of bizarre heckles1 the best of which was person who gave bill a pint of lager at the start of the show repeatedly insisting that he consumed the beverage.

the tube ride home was interesting, i got befriended by some muppet that insisted on talking shit at me until he got off the train.

1. ie. "nice bush" ; "i'm a vet, i'll have a look at your foot"

bill bailey

Oct. 5th, 2007 03:01 pm
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you all love bill bailey, right?

his animal related quips and humorous musings on philosophy and drugs sure tickle our funny bones, yeah?

and doesn't it just suck that his current run of shows in a nice small venue is sold out?

well, thanks to a certain fairweather friend who shall remain nameless. ahem. geoff. ahem.. i now have a spare ticket for the show tonight.

so, who wants to see bill bailey?


Aug. 8th, 2007 02:06 pm
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yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] _marauder_
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saw stewart lee last night in the toilet that is ginglik. the venue was superb, they shoved us right up at the front on big comfy sofas reserved just for our party :]

mr lee, whilst being more rotund, wasn't as funny as his old comedy foil & counterpart, the legendary richard herring. in my drunken state, i decided it was a good idea to tell him this. fortunately he didn't eat me but continued to tout his - decidedly bootleggy looking - live dvds.

paul "the openly gay asian doctor" sinha also performed... he was as clever and trivia filled as he was amusing.
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still got 2 tickets at my table for stewart lee next tuesday

gonig thus far are

myself, [livejournal.com profile] ahura_mazda
[livejournal.com profile] natbombat & kai
[livejournal.com profile] mildseven & candice

come on, someone's gotta want 'em... they're only £8

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