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a lot has happened these past few days:

candice is in hospital with suspected gall stones & liver problems.
she's waiting on the gastro team to give her and endoscopic exam.
hopefully she'll be out by the weekend.

uni work is hectic... still got essays to finish & online tests to take :(

gravity promotion's been in overdrive - if you're not already aware, it's next friday.

i'm gonnna need a holiday after this summer holiday's over.
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Dear Student

Thank you for your form regarding the clash of your exams on
Wednesday 22nd July 2009.

I have made the following arrangements for you:

CT3014N - Wireless Networks - 22nd July 2009 at 10:00am

Please report to my office, room T2/4 in the Tower Building before your first exam. I will be escorting you to the room where you will be sitting your exam. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow these instructions.

You will be escorted to the Clash Room by an invigilator after your first exam where you will be able to revise for your next exam and have some lunch.

You will then be escorted to T6-20 at 2:00pm by an invigilator to sit your second exam:

CT2024N *PRACTICAL EXAM* - Local Area Networks - 22nd July 2009 at 2:00pm

After your second exam, you will be escorted back to the Clash Room by an invigilator where you will have a break before taking your next exam:

CT2024N - *EXAM & CHAPTER TEST* - Local Area Networks - 22nd July 2009 at 5:00pm

Please make sure you bring food and drink with you on the day as you
will not be able to leave the room except under the supervision of an

the last one being a 2 hour exam followed by 7 tests, lasting up to 1hour each!!!

wish me luck.
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despite not being ushered in by the delivery of the new gravity flyers, this weekend's been made of almost pure win.

nat's birthday was great fun... the pub was different, not utterly unpleasant, but way pricey. consequently i took the sensible option and ducked out early to avoid to much damage to my pockets hooking up with the rabble en route to emma's.

the salubrious surroundings and great company conspired to prevent any attempts at an early escape back to the mound of uni work awaiting my weary return.

this week i will mostly be making the bizzy buzzy bumblebees look like indolent job-dodging loafers.
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...good job it's being posted at stupid o'clock in the morning, eh? o.O

been busy doing not nearly enough these last few weeks, some brief1 high/low-lights [chronologically listed thanks to pathological pedanticism]:

funker vogt gig: an indecipherable blur of alcohol induced fuzz... definitely had fun, but booze stole my memories.

slaughtehaus5: a most enjoyable evening, culminating in some "back to the slab" action. what sunday taught me: rice takes 7 years to cook properly :D

return of monday pool: a combination of my new found proximity to the oak and eva's enthusiasm for cue sports has rekindled the fires of addiction. :D

gravity stuff: arranged guest djs for next event; finished flyers, posters, etc. and even managed to get some printed [albeit for an extortionate amount of money] in order to pester people this weekend.

uni grief: more incompetence from the university of hip hop results in the threat of suspension from my course because they won't claim my fees for this year from my lea... a long[ish] story peppered with examples of why londonmet is a shit hole. fret ye not, recounting it now would make me too angry to sleep.

friday film night: much fun was had resulting in me wandering the streets of tottenham in the wee small hours of saturday

slimelight win: unexpected uwe but band banality canceled each other out. fortunately, a dose of mak magic mixed with max&simon tearing the upstairs floor up good and proper made dave a sated boy indeed.

head-state lose: self worth needs some fixing. feeling kinda lonely too.

sunny sunday: spent almost all day in martina & will's back garden with my hosts and jennifer & matt... spring sure feels like it's here at last :D

shock camden fun: post flyering drinkage with people prevented [or at least postponed] the onset of some bleak.

1: ok, so trade descriptions may beg to differ, but fuck 'em.... bunch of pedantic cunts :p
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after some 34 hours straight1 spent packing and cleaning, things are going relatively smoothly; have sorted storage space and nearly packed everything although this last 10% of my possessions is proving somewhat difficult to box up... maybe best just to chuck the stuff that's costly/inconvenient to replace later on.

am really not looking forwards to attempting to get the deposit back off the landlord... the pikey bastard's tighter than a gnat's chuff and describing my knowledge of the procedure as scant would be an overstatement to say the least.

anyways, best stop this procrastination and get back to work.

1: candice & i somehow found the time to see alterred at the islington academy... thoroughly enjoyed their performance, although the audience were nothing short of appalling: i don't think it would have been possible to find a more lackluster bunch of morose individuals.


Jan. 25th, 2008 04:38 pm
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so, much to my dismay, it was closed book...

still, i managed to get 74.4% having only revised 80% of the syllabus. which is well weapon :]

now all i've got to do is learn oracle by monday and packet tracer and associated real world router configuration by tuesday. and find the time to celebrate the birthdays of kai et al.

less haste

Jan. 7th, 2008 02:30 pm
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i have been busy like bumble bee.

what with manuela's birthday rolling on well into the next day. lucy shanghaied the unsuspecting revellers and dragged them back to the wilds of finsbury park.

it was a most excellent continuation of the pub fun.

and tonight we visit the museum of curiosity to be entertained by the legendary john lloyd and the incomparable bill bailey. win

and, much to my delight, i somehow found the time and luck to unite my camera and pc once more...

produce of purple towers )

fixie fun

Sep. 14th, 2007 11:41 pm
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no sleep and all the cycling make dave an exhausted bunny.

gonna get me some wheels and a suit tomorrow... assuming i'm capable.
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sat my business information systems exam yesterday...

it was as intolerable as i was expecting. stil, hopefully my less haste method of exam preparation will pay off once again. now all that i've gotta do is catch up on 2 days of work and complete an entire assignment by friday.

oh, and pack all my stuff at the old place up and move it to the new flat.

...and sort out student finance for the coming uni year before it's too late to get it processed in time for the start of term.

today i am busy busy bumblebee :/
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having been wrestling with spreadsheets like some oiled up chubby greek adonis since i rolled into the office this morning i now find myself strung out and wired on coffee.

my hearts racing and my mind's wandering off into jeamland at every opportunity.

...and there's a jazz duo in the lobby downstairs - most bizarre.

still, enough of this procrastination, i've got another conference call with the customer in about half an hour that i'm dangerously under prepared for... not looking forwards to it one bit :S

edit: the call's been postponed til monday, when i have my business systems exam. ahhhhh, sweet reprieve :]


Aug. 15th, 2007 01:13 pm
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7 8 über strong coffees,
spicy food for lunch,
and an unshakeable feeling of general well being...

work is almost enjoyable today
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off to take my frame to brixton cycles, hook up with my mate ruud and prepare for the trip north for autonomy.

today i am like busy busy bumblebee

like a bee

Jan. 27th, 2007 09:45 am
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cor yesterday was a bit busy...

witnessed the heavy handed arrest, for fare evasion, of a coloured lady by a group of undercover police on the salubrious 29 bus route.
spoke to my course leader about sitting a practical exam i missed.
tried to sort out a young person's railcard - failed owing to the petty, small minded bureaucracy of virgin rail staff.
beat [livejournal.com profile] mildseven 11 - 2 at pool.
played my second ever game of poker last night and won £50.
re-found L'Homme Inverse on youtube

today, my schedule is even more hectic - if such a thing is possible.

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