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in the likely event that you were wondering about it, i spat tea over my desk on the first viewing.

also, i am all too aware this journal's been bereft of content lately... in the light of this, i do hereby solemnly swear to post something other than a funny picture before the day is done.
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1. finding someone who doesn't live in my flat in the kitchen after having let themselves in with a key which they have obviously been given by roger2TM max. this wouldn't be a problem were it not for irksome issue no two...
2. being phoned by an irate estate agent inquiring about where the rent is. am starting to suspect that max might be living in the same never never land that roger-the-cunt came from.
3. the heating, which i had set on timed repeatedly being put on constant - £5 of gas used in 2 days!
4. having to brave the biting cold to put yet more money on the gas card so that i can bathe.
5. realising that i don't update this journal nearly as often as i should - i'll try and be better

i offer this image by way of an apology for my moany update

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Awkward moment in the life of a deer.

My co-worker likes to hunt and has a motion activated wildlife camera he puts out in the woods to see what wildlife are in an area. The results are apparently special needs deer.
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candice is out of hospital :)
she's gotta go back in a few weeks time for some tests, but things look positive.

am midway through coursework hell... best get back to it :(

anyways, here's a funny to make up for lack of content


Apr. 25th, 2009 10:29 am
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i can't work out why Ladybird refused to publish this children's book...

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