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So, I'm angry again... which means there's probably gonna be a serious of grumblings on here.

The first one concerns a book. Nothing new there. And never has such a short sentence been so true.

In what is being described by the media as a radical departure from literary tradition, Caroline Smailes has written a book with a few different endings.
The hype around this fantastic "new" style of novel is such to the extent it even warranted an interview on the today programme.

Now, I freely admit that I may have been blessed with a better memory than most, but I can't be the only one thinking "What The Fuck?" here... As George Santayana said, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, and being a child of the 80s I had a grew up with no internet. There was only 4 tv channels & maybe 10 radio stations to entertain me...

...well, that and books of course. So forgive me if I come across like some kind of literary snob, showing off the vast number of tomes I've consumed in my short time on this lump of rock, but I'd be amazed, if like me you're not wondering how it is that the works of Steve Livingstone & Ian Jackson have faded so quickly into the mists of the past.

I cam't be the only person who remembers the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.
Seriously, there's more than 180 of them!

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1. finding someone who doesn't live in my flat in the kitchen after having let themselves in with a key which they have obviously been given by roger2TM max. this wouldn't be a problem were it not for irksome issue no two...
2. being phoned by an irate estate agent inquiring about where the rent is. am starting to suspect that max might be living in the same never never land that roger-the-cunt came from.
3. the heating, which i had set on timed repeatedly being put on constant - £5 of gas used in 2 days!
4. having to brave the biting cold to put yet more money on the gas card so that i can bathe.
5. realising that i don't update this journal nearly as often as i should - i'll try and be better

i offer this image by way of an apology for my moany update

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it's all i can do not to write to them demanding they print a correction regarding the number of "varieties" manufactured by heinz... it is not, and never has been 57.

... grumble grumble
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i've been angry before, sometimes i could even have been described as being very angry...

tonight, however, i am livid; incandescent with rage! furious is not a strong enough word. pissed off doesn't come close to describing the searing wroth pumping coursing through my veins!

in fact, the effort required not to destroy this keyboard in the process of writing this entry is display of will power i wasn't aware i was capable of.

my piece of shit university have given me two coursework assignments for the cisco element of the degree. one is tantalisingly close to containing sufficient information for me to be able to actually do the fucking work.

i say tantalisingly close, what i actually mean is it contains everything i need except the vital information : network addresses, number of subnets, routing protocols & dce/dte information.

the other one contains this line of text "This is a Cisco based module. The course works are available on-line and set externally."

which is not only the vaguest communication i've received from the university of hip hop, it's also fallacious to the point of the ridiculous: There is nothing on the cisco site, the lecturer's page for the module has a pdf named "Coursework," which i'm guessing actually has the information i need, except it's fucking encrypted. and we've not been told the bastard's password, so it serves only to enrage me more. it might as well not be there if we, the students, can't fucking access it!!

how the fuck am i supposed to submit coursework if i don't know what it is i'm supposed to be doing?!!

jesus fucking christ!


Jul. 31st, 2008 10:30 pm
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just watched taking liberties... man am i angry now

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